High School & Vocation

After finishing Class 8 (eighth grade), students are required to take a national exam which determines if they can go on to high school. For those students who pass the exams, the largest issue remains money, as boarding high schools (there are only four deaf high schools currently in Kenya) are extremely expensive, at least in local terms. The cost for one year of attendance is approximately $300, plus miscellaneous fees.

Even for those not admitted to high school, opportunities to further their education through hands-on vocational schools is possible.

Reverand Muhoro Secondary School

The cost to sponsor one boarding student for a full academic year is
19,000 ksh. This cost includes tuition fees, meals, and dormitory accommodation.

If the students are in their first year there is an additional charge of 4,600/Ksh ~ aprox. $68 for school uniforms. If the students are in their final year there is an additional charge of 3,200/Ksh ~ aprox.$47 for the final National Examination.

After receiving payment the bursar will transfer the funds to pay for the appropriate school fees. Afterwards, the Principal will mail a receipt of the school fee payment along with a personal letter and photograph from the student(s).

Information from Kenya Commercial Bank:
We are pleased to advise that you need to have the following to enable you wire funds to a KCB account in Kenya:

a)    Account name – Rev. Muhoro School for the Deaf
b)    Account number – 1103061062
c)    The bank name which is Kenya Commercial Bank LTD
d)    The KCB branch – Mukurweini
e)    Our swift code which is KCBLKENX (This should be written in capitals)

The above stated requirements is sufficient enough to enable us receive the funds and credit the account.